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This business (has been in operation for 18 Years) offers a wide range of products to suit the needs of task management, bug tracking and product development from initial stages of development to the deployment and actualization stages. By offering diverse products, the business enables software testers to track bugs, perform test cases and identify defects that go unnoticed only to be found by customers or competitors while integrating management of the same. The major products are Issue Tracking, Test Cases, Help Desk.

The business caters to wide spectrum of clients.

This business has penetrated various markets with particular interest in companies of diverse categories from manufacturing companies, service-based companies, production companies and delivery institutions. These companies originate from various parts of the globe with most of its clients coming from the United States at 60%, European clients account for 30% of the clients and the rest of the world accounts for 10% of the clients as shown below.

Being a web-based service means that the business has highly automated products that requires less manpower and resources. This means that the business operates at a very low cost while utilizing very little resources.

The platform of this business is based on Microsoft’s programming platform Visual Studio.NET, SQL database server and language C-sharp (C#) a multi-discipline language that encompasses strong interaction to different platforms.

The products can be incorporated into any cloud/web-based platform with ease.  The business requires minimal resources since its highly automated.  The business is customizable and affordable which makes it distinguishable from platforms that are non-customizable but affordable and platforms that are customizable but very expensive.



Updated on August 18, 2018 at 6:34 am

  • Price: USD ($)1,300,000
  • Address: New York, NY, USA
  • City: New York
  • State/Country: United States
  • Country: United States

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  • Sundeep Gill
  • (516) 595-2737

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